A New Beginning

Congratulations to New Beginnings Church

Pastor David Soto founded New Beginnings Church in March 2005. Together with his loving wife Marisol and two children, Alexis and Isaiah, they answered the charge and have touched the lives of many people in their community bringing the Gospel of God's Grace and Love. They started the mission in their humble home on 79 Sprague Avenue, Middletown, New York.

Due to it's constant and rapid growth, there was a need to move to a new location. Pastor David along with his wife, searched high and low for a place where they could continue to grow and expand on God's Kingdom. Many said "no, we don't have room for you" and while others would simply ignore them. Their faith was tested. But still determined, Pastor David reached out to The First Baptist Church of Middletown and they would open their doors to New Beginnings.

In 2010, they moved to their new location on 11 Mulberry St. Middletown, NY. For 5 years we have co-existed with the First Baptist Church, working side by side to bring the Gospel of the Lord to our local communities. In our new location, NBC would continue to prosper and grow, birthing a new leadship team and new ministries.

Because of the faithfulness and perseverance of our pastors David and Marisol Soto, along with their congregation, God would openly reward, for what many years had been done in secret. We are happy to announce that on 6/24/2015 New Beginnings Church became the offical owners of the church located on 11 Mulberry St. Middletown, NY all for the cost of $100.00!!!

We are a living testimony of the grace and power of God. God has done a great work here and this is only the beginning. We invite you to come and share in this victory. Become part of history. Become part of this miracle and experience a miracle of your own.

A special thanks to The First Baptist Church for taking a chance with us and trusting in God. This would not be if it were not for you. We thank and love you and pray that God look favorably upon you for what you have done for us.